Welcome to Economics 350

Welcome to Economics 350 at Gettysburg College, taught by Professor E.K. Fletcher. This semester, we will be exploring and reviewing statistics, hypothesis testing, simple regression, and how to write a research paper.

A big part of doing research, academic or otherwise, is to keep a record of what you read and write. Each of you will be creating and maintaining your own blog about economics, this class, and your research. You should see your blog as an online journal, where you keep track of new ideas, thoughts about research and class topics, a place to link to interesting material, and more.

Some notes:

  • You should subscribe to this blog (and any others you find interesting!)
  • If your blog is on wordpress.com, you can subscribe using the follow button or the RSS feed button, but make sure you subscribe!
  • You can follow me on twitter at @ekfletch
  • When I tweet about this class, I will use the hashtag #GburgEcon350
  • If you are on twitter, let me and others know, use the hashtag when you think something is relevant to other students
  • Please send me your blog name as soon as possible, when I have them all, I will set up a list on the side with all of your classmates’ blogs
  • You are required to post on your blog once a week and comment on at least one other student blog once a week. Do this by Friday class time each week. See the far-right sidebar under “Section A” or “Section B” for other blogs from students in your class.
  • Posting and commenting will constitute part of your “problem sets” grade
  • If you’re struggling with any part of the blog, please let me know, stop by office hours or shoot me an email

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