Kevin on Significance

Kevin, who is in the morning section of this class, blogged this week about significance and statistical significance. It’s definitely worth a read. For my part, I am only beginning to understand the structure of your major at Gettysburg, and I’m curious whether other students feel this way as well. This morning, in fact, I was following a twitter debate on the pedagogy of econometrics. Is it important to teach the math? Or intuition?

As for you guys: Do you wish you’d received instruction in statistical significance earlier in your major? Or do you think the examples you received in earlier classes were a necessary prerequisite for doing the work we’re doing in 350? Please comment here, on Kevin’s blog post, or by email. It would be much appreciated.


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  1. I’m not sure about others’ experience here at Gettysburg, but the concept that Kevin has brought up has been more or less drilled into my head on several different occasions. Maybe it’s because I just recently took statistics last semester, or that many of my ES classes (Ecology especially) require rigorous statistical analysis and comprehension.

    Do I feel it is necessary for “statistical language” to be intuitive? For an economics major, absolutely. Whenever someone is dealing with any sort of data in use with the social sciences, it’s necessary to be able understand (like Kevin stated) the methods used, and levels of confidence paired with those methods.

    So to answer the original question, I feel as if we have been taught an ample amount of statistical analysis within the prerequisites of the class, in order to effectively interpret data.

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