Outline and Bibliography

Your outline and bibliography are due this coming Friday in class. So, I thought I would give you some advice and parameters.

For the outline, feel free to follow the hand-out I gave you the first day. Replacing general aspects with the specific ones of your question is fine. I also don’t imagine you will have quite that level of detail, yet, but flesh out the parts where you might have more information. It may be that your topic is not well-suited to this kind of outline. In that case, you are welcome to use a different format or move things around. It is a good model, though, so think about starting from there.

Your outline should be accompanied by a bibliography. It may be composed of sources you have read and ones you expect to read. Right now, it should have at least ten elements, including your data sources. Your bibliography should change and expand as the semester goes on. This is not a final product by any means, but should give the impression that you are exploring scholarly work in your chosen field. Remember that the librarians ahappy to to help and I am happy to provide guidance as well. Please do not cite websites–except those of large, legitimate corporations, governments, and international organizations. If you have a question about whether something constitutes a legitimate source, please ask.

Good luck!


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