Writing Assignment #7

In lieu of class this week, write a brief (2-3 sentence) summary of one of the papers you’ve read regarding your research project, then answer the following questions.

  • What new information does it bring to light regarding your research project?
  • Does it suggest any issues you might have regarding the assumptions of the classical linear regression model?
  • If it does suggest that your model might violate any assumptions of the model, do you know an easy way to fix them?
  • Make sure to cite the paper in your blog post and, if possible, link to a .pdf version of the paper

For your comments on this post and last week’s, I’d like you to focus on the writing style of the person whose blog post you’re reading. Instead of content, this should be an analysis of structure, grammar, and coherence. You can use the following questions to guide your comment:

  • Does the post properly introduce the subject matter? Is it compelling?
  • Does the post follow a train of thought that is logical?
  • Do you feel like you have a good idea of what the paper or news article tried to accomplish?
  • Do you have any remaining questions about the paper or news article?
  • What might you suggest to the author about how he/she is conveying the material?

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