Assignment #3

Your topic, thesis statement and data set are due this Friday, September 14, so in addition, I’d like you to blog a bit about what you intend to discover with your project, what is the motivation behind it, what do your data look like, what kind of prior research or additional information do you need to go forward? Limit your post to 400 words. You will also have the same blogging partners as last week. Read their posts about their projects and offer comments and ideas about how to focus or narrow down the project, about an article or book that may be of help, or a related question. You must comment on each of your blogging partner’s posts and respond to comments on your posts to get full credit for this assignment.

Don’t forget that Friday is a library day. We will be meeting in the library classroom on the first floor with librarian Ronalee Ciocco. Bring a printout of this blog post and be prepared with questions about where you can find information on your topic. Attendance is required.


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