Gondwe Lecture

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The 7th Annual Gondwe Lecture will take place on Thursday, September 27th at 5pm in Joseph Theater in Breidenbaugh. If you attend and write it up in a blog post, related to econometric methods and your readings in Poor Economics, you will receive extra credit (or it may count towards replacing a missed post). Details are below.

Unlocking Africa’s Potential

Despite being one of the world’s greatest repositories of natural and human resources, encouraging signs in democracy and governance in a number of the continent’s countries and stellar economic performance in the last and the current decade, Africa remains one of the world’s poorest performers in development.
Yet with its population dividend, giant leaps in technology and potential for ecologically sound development, Africa is clearly on the brink.  Will the continent “dare to invent the future” as Thomas Sankara, once hoped; not only for itself, but for the entire global community?  What are the key factors to unlocking Africa’s phenomenal potential?

According to Kah Walla, presidential candidate in Cameroon’s last elections and one of Africa’s foremost political thinkers; innovative approaches to governance, economic growth, the integration of gender and the environment in all development strategies are all key elements for unlocking Africa’s potential.


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