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Poverty Traps–the end?

One of the first chapters we read in Poor Economics this year was about poverty traps. More has been published recently about this phenomenon and in particular, this blog post talks about how the end of poverty traps–or rather the end of a discussion of structural inequality as a problem that is solvable by only the aid community–might lead to an end to aid as we know it. It’s an interesting read and I think a good way to think about wrapping up the semester.


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Assignment #9

Read Poor Economics, Chapter 7. Write a <500 word response, analyzing the content. Things to think about are: how do they present statistics?; how do the authors use statistics to make the big points in the chapter?; what did you learn?; what questions do you have left after reading the chapter?.

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Never be satisfied with a first draft

Writing tips from Advice to Writers.

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No blog post this week

Since you all are hard at work on your regressions and rough drafts, there is no additional reading or blog post this week. Since we turned in the regressions a day late, you may have an extra class to work on your rough drafts. They are due Friday at the beginning of class. This should be a complete rough draft. Refer to the outline provided at the beginning of the semester and think about answering the following: What is my question? What did I find? Why can I trust, or not trust, my findings given what I know about econometrics?. It should be a summary of research, not a step-by-step instruction booklet on how to run regressions. Feel free to stop by office hours if you have questions.

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