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Extra credit opportunities

Three extra credit opportunities. A blog post with analysis, meaning a critique of what was said, relationship to current events or class material, etc., is due on the Monday morning following the event. Summaries of material are not sufficient to get credit for this assignment. Please limit your comments to about a page (400 words).

April 11, 7:30pm: Hesburgh Lecture on energy prices, Mara Auditorium

April 18, 11:30am: FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub and Bob Biersak from the Center for Responsive Politics in the Economics Department’s Annual Finance Symposium

April 18, 7pm: Former Senator Russ Feingold on Campaign Finance Reform


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Assignment #9 Spring 2013

For this week’s blog post, write a brief (2-3 sentence) summary of one of the papers you’ve read regarding your research project, then answer the following questions.

  • What new information does it bring to light regarding your research project?
  • Does it suggest any issues you might have regarding the assumptions of the classical linear regression model?
  • If it does suggest that your model might violate any assumptions of the model, do you know an easy way to fix them?
  • Make sure to cite the paper in your blog post and, if possible, link to a .pdf version of the paper

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Assignment #8 Spring 2013

Your regression results are due (hard copy) in class on Friday, March 22. For this week’s blog post, in 400 words or less, pick one regression and explain in detail your findings in an accessible manner. Imagine your are explaining it to your one of your grandparents. The following questions may help to guide you:

  1. What is the primary relationship of interest?
  2. What does the estimated coefficient on your variable of interest show?
  3. What conclusions can you draw from your regression?
  4. Are there things missing from your regression?
  5. Can you make a causal link between your variable of interest and the outcome variable?

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Nate Silver and the Voting Rights Act

If you all don’t read Nate Silver, I highly recommend it. He does an excellent job of discussing statistics and discussing how we present statistics to tell stories. His post today on the Voting Rights Act claims made by John Roberts during the Supreme Court hearings is a very good read.

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Assignment #7 Spring 2013

Read Poor Economics, Chapter 4 by Banerjee and Duflo, “Top of the Class”. In post of less than 500 words, answer the following questions in a clear, concise manner. This assignment is due on Friday, March 8 at the start of class.

  1. Find a news article or recent blog post (within the last six months) that addresses some of the same issues presented in the book. Offer a compare and contrast analysis of an issue in the book to the article you found. Which story do you find more convincing? How are the stories different? What additional information would you like to see? What statistics or numbers do the authors of each use to make their case?
  2. Make sure to mention the news article or blog post in your post and link to the article or blog using the link function on your toolbar.
  3. Leave a comment for the author on the original post or article with a short summary of your own thoughts the matter. You can even link back to your post in the comment.

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