Blogging Partners

You should comment on two blogs to receive comment credit for the week. Comments are due on Monday at the start of class. You should try to read different blogs each week and respond to any questions or concerns you have with a person’s comments.

You are welcome to read and comment on blogs from the other section, as well. In fact, I encourage this as the discussion may differ from section to section. It is a good idea to keep track of your blogging and comments on a regular basis throughout the semester. In case there are any discrepancies at the end of the semester, this will help us more efficiently determine where a mistake was made.

Please remember that comments should be constructive and respectful. This is designed to facilitate communication and serves as your fourth hour. I will be reading all blogs and comments, though I may not always comment. If you have comment authorization turned on, please check your email and approve comments before Monday afternoon so that I may grade and check content effectively. If you do not wish to approve a comment for its content, please copy and paste it into an email and send it to me so that I know the student did the work and that we can effectively address any issue that might be raised.


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